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Reiki Training

The International Center for Reiki Training ( explains that Reiki healing is based on the principle of the invisible life force energy that flows through everyone’s body. Over the years, more and more people around the world are turning to Reiki Healers for help with pain management, anxiety, and depression. According to a National Institutes of Health 2007 study, energy healing therapies like Reiki were performed on 1.2 million adults in the United States. But what exactly is Reiki?

What Is Reiki?

Reiki – which originated in Japan during the early 20th century – is a form of energy healing. The word itself is derived from the Japanese words ‘rei’ and ‘ki’ which mean universal and life energy, respectively. Generally, the practice aims to remove blocks and help the flow of energy around your body to stimulate healing, relaxation, and pain relief.

What Happens During a Reiki Session?

Reiki treatment is usually given in a private, peaceful location but can be done anywhere. During the session, you lie on a table or sit in a comfortable chair fully clothed. The healer then places their hands lightly over areas of your limbs, head, or torso and holds them there for 3 to 10 minutes.

Clients report feeling some sensations, including warmth and tingling, which many practitioners also feel in their hands. It is important to note that people will have different experiences during Reiki healing, but many report feeling relaxed afterward.

Health benefits of Reiki

Reiki proponents and healers report that the practice helps induce the body’s natural healing process and promotes mental and spiritual healing. Some conditions that Reiki has been used to help treat are:

Heart disease
Chronic pain
Neurodegenerative disorders

Medical practitioners advise that Reiki only be used as a complementary treatment option and not a replacement for medical treatments.

Get Reiki Healing Today

Reiki is a low-risk, non-invasive therapy that many people have reported as improving their well-being. If you are interested in the healing properties of Reiki, more than 800 hospitals in the US currently have Reiki Healers and provide services to patients. Your health insurance may not cover sessions, one of which can cost $25 to $100.