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Reiki Master

The Reiki master is the highest degree of reiki practitioner. To become a reiki master, one needs to have attained two other degrees in Reiki, Reiki Master and Usui Practitioner. The person who wishes to receive this third level is usually an active Reiki Master who:

• Practices daily for at least 2 hours.
• Teaches at least one Reiki class per week.
• Is in comminution with the Divine, helping those they meet to connect themselves with God.

An aspiring Reiki master can learn from a Reiki master that has attained this degree, or they can have their attunement and be an initiate. The latter is the case with many reiki masters in Japan. Reiki Master attunement takes place during a ceremony attended by members of their family and friends. At this time, the master is usually wearing special clothes: a white skirt; kimono for women and hakama pants for men.

The master wears these clothes because they hold special energy. They emanate a flow of energy that can be helpful to the reiki masters. The ceremony consists of meditation, giving and receiving spiritual healing usually with hands placed over the body, speaking (saying prayers) and chanting.

In case the master is an initiate, he or she will have already received Reiki Master attunement and will now receive one more level of Reiki. The master has to be prepared for the ceremony. He or she needs to have a clean body and mind, eat healthy food and meditate at least once per week.

After the attunement, the master’s hands attain special characteristics which can be easily sensed by other people. His or her palms become warm while touching the hands of another person. The other characteristic is that the master gets a Reiki hunch on his or her back, although this can be visible only to people who are in comminution with the Divine.

After the attunement, the master receives a level of knowledge that allows him or her to use Reiki to a much wider extent. The master can heal people on a physical, emotional and mental level. The master also has access to correct information about Reiki, its spiritual history, and various applications of Reiki.