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The much more than excellent newsticker of I had availed myself of on this site for several years, has ceased to exist on June 1, 2005. "Sadly, we tried to make the ticker self-funding, but not enough people were prepared to pay for it. In the end we had to take the hard business decision." (Lynette Molyneaux, marketing manager, in a message to me on 21 June 2005)

This is really sad, as it was such a nifty and independent news service. It happened often enough that they were the first to bring you important news. Examples:

"Back in 1997 when the Mars Pathfinder mission landed on the red planet and started sending back the first pictures, was the first Web site in the world to publish those images, beating CNN, ABCNews and even NASA themselves."

"When NATO launched its air attacks against Serbian targets in Yugoslavia, was the first news site on the Web to break the news that attacks were underway."

I have not yet got around to really look for a replacement, if there is one, as those I could readily find are unaffordable to me. Sorry!

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