John Henry Mackay, The Freedomseeker, online edition

Directions for use and warnings

This book is on my desk since eight months, waiting to be digitalized and put online. I apologize for this delay. It was just not possible earlier. But I made a last minute effort to at least start with it on the day of the anniversary, May 16, 2003.

This is also the day on which the German original finally enters the public domain, but, beware, not this translation, nor this online presentation made by me. My sincere thanks go to Mr. Uwe Timm, the trustee of the Verlag der Mackay-Gesellschaft, for the authorization to publish this translation online and also for his encouragement.

You may view and download this online edition for free for your private use only. Any further distribution, especially for gain, remains prohibited. You need to apply for an authorization.

The book is arranged online in such a way as to make each web page correspond to a page of the print edition. This will ensure that all pages are safely indexed by my local search engine PicoSearch and can easily be printed out, should that be necessary. It also gives you a bit the feeling of leafing through an actual book, as sentences overlap pages.

To easily navigate the pages, you have at the bottom of each page a "previous" and a "next" link, allowing you to go back and forth without using the corresponding functions of your browser. So you could start with the front cover page and go, page by page, through the whole book till the last page, where you might meet those who prefer to start reading their newspapers and magazines from the end . . . ;-)

In addition, the Table of contents page and the Summary of Chapter Contents pages have of course links jumping to the corresponding chapters and pages.

As soon as possible, I will also offer a download page where you can download the whole book as a WINZIP or PDF file, but this download page will only be accessible after you have made a small donation to cover my costs.

The somewhat nicer font and all the nuances of the corresponding lay-out of the printed book could not be rendered on the web. I had to choose Times New Roman (or Times or serif) to insure that anybody has it at her/his disposal on his/her PC and to keep the inevitable differences between browsers to a minimum.

Any necessary further remarks will be at the bottom of the page concerned, below an horizontal line.

Christian Butterbach
May 16, 2003

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