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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunamis of Money

This is a PS to my comment "South Asia tragedy and tsunamis". A PS? A postscript, but also a political statement. I had suggested that "The West and the rest" should help that region, in case it does not have the means to do it alone, to get this warning system, adding that this must not be such an enormous expense, compared to other ones being made.

In my mind had remained though some unexpressed doubts about wether it will be done. It would be an investment in humanity, in lives, in future development, but not an investment resulting in immediate financial profit, showing direct cash returns. So I have my doubts indeed.

Our present world-wide political system, where each country is a territorial state with a monopolistic legal framework and above all no monetary freedom, but a centrally managed, compulsory, monopolistic and legal tender currency, does hardly allow for big investments that do not show a maximun return on capital. So the tax payer would have to bleed, as usual.

If capital is not something accumulated through savings (money earned not spent on consumption) by a working person who will either keep it all or part of it as a safety, to deal with future unforeseen emergencies, OR maybe will lend it to someone without or with not enough own capital, expecting to get it back in full when needed (and maybe asking a small "interest" on it to be compensated for surrendering liquidity upon demand and as a kind of insurance against possible loss ~~ though this would actually work well only if a greater number of such people banded together in a mutualist organization or instead used a bank offering that service on the market or actually used the interest to pay the insurance premiums to a private insurance company insuring them against the eventual loss), OR, above all, will use it to start a new enterprise possible only with a larger capital. This new enterprise will allow the person to get more money for its work. I underline work.

But you have the kind of persons that have enough capital (most likely not earned by own work) to live to the last day of their lives in luxury, if they decided to use the capital for consumption. But they normally decide against that extreme, without starving though, as they, from the way they got that money in the first place, are so used to and have been or have themselves brainwashed into expecting increase of their capital without own work, but through the work of others.

Now, a territorial state with that money monopoly allows them to get through with this. The working people, legally prevented from the very many existing ways of creating their own currency, credit etc. and thus build capital by working, have to borrow capital from those capitalists (in the true sense of the word, not in that wrongful one promoted in America and so stupidly and proudly used by libertarians to indicate that they are free market advocates in the field of economics and beyond, thus pushing under the rug so many aspects of reality) and pay very high interest on it (through lack of competition between currencies and by those other means of funding one's entrepreneurship), of quite a different type and rate as the one mentioned above. On the basis of that statist money monopoly and through the mathematical function of compound interest (capital once earned through interest does not drop its claim to interest, it will be reinvested further, which makes it grow exponentially till there is an excessive supply, though mainly in the hands of a few, which cannot find anymore large enough possibilities for reinvestment, considering the amount of the capital on the lookout and the return expected (typical examples would be nuclear plants, high dams and the like, things that would never have been implemented without the accomplice state); the capital has become its own enemy, at least for the unearned income crowd, not those who use it just as a prerequisite for their own work. The "lesser capitalists" have accumulated some little capital too, and since they are workers and not that greedy and that spoiled, are reasonably satisfied with it. They are content, their sleep is heavier, they sleep the sleep of the just.

Their capital has to be destroyed, to make them needy and willing to work again for the big capitalists. The solution for this, when natural catastrophes have been few and far between, has always been and still is war.

Interest, in a closed society as we have it, is shoveling tsunamis of money from the deep ground of the ocean of the working class (be they employed or self-employed, blue or white collar, or with flowers around their neck) to the pockets of the happy few in their beach houses, which are no huts like on those tragic shores around that epicentre, but villas or forts. So they have not yet been drowned. The ones below the interest divide (net payers) are getting ever poorer, the ones on top ever richer and more powerful, the middle classes disappear. [Money, by the way, is not the only factor involved here, the major other one being the way landownership is legally framed presently most everywhere, plus a good number of other relatively minor factors.

It is totally wrong though to forbid* interest, like some factions of the Nazis had tried to do, like the ancient Jews did among themselves, not towards foreigners, like Islam claims to do, but hypocritically just changes the name for it, getting the same amount or even much more when lending money to a business by receiving a contractual part of the business's earnings, with or without participating in the entrepreneur's risk of failure; if the risk is taken, the lender becomes sort of an entrepreneur, but is still not doing the work in the business! The right definition of interest here in this context is money received out of the work result of others against their will. And the ban, the prohibition is ineffective. Only the inescapable character of interest within our present system is wrong. Change that system!

Interest itself is innocent. One should not impose sanctions on it and punish or jail innocents. Free the market totally and interest will have ceased to be a problem. Whoever will want to pay it or receive it, considering the deal a win-win situation, will do. Not the others. The ones who think that the rate of interest doesn't matter, only the difference between the amount of interest you pocket and the amount you have to pay, may still ignore the effects on others, on the whole of a nation or the world population, but at least his narrow view cannot have ill effects anymore. And those same who think that interest is due for having accumulated one's capital ten years earlier than the next best guy, that work done in 1995 has a more rightful claim to such interest than the work done in 2005, can see if he can get away with it, when people will have been freed from the monopoly game. If you think that, as capital lent is helping the other man and that this deserves a reward out of the higher income it made possible, I can agree with this, provided this is freely agreed upon and has an end when the reward is served according to the initial agreement, instead of being a never ending perpetuum mobile of blackmail and extortion, a snowball system that never stops cheating the naive participants, except those at the top that started it, the receiving end.

Now we all know why capitals are called capitals. That's where capital management is concentrated. :-) Sometimes the political half of the Siamese twins has been separated from the other: Washington and New York, Berlin and Frankfurt, Bern and Zurich, the sign of federal states.

I beg for reactions to the above via my contact form or guestbook maybe, as I do not have a forum anymore or not yet again.

* "Il est interdit d'interdire!" [slogan on the walls of Paris in May 1968]

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

South Asia tragedy and tsunamis

I get an appeal from Al-Fatiha "In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful", Who has not been so compassionate and merciful here... Truths must be said instead of more and more illusions being built up.

The appeal "U.S. MUSLIMS URGED TO HELP TSUNAMI SURVIVORS", like all the others you get or I get are to be commended of course. All those who can help should help. Human solidarity is essential. Fortunately, it does function in such situations. Marvellously, actually. Except that one should wish that such human solidarity would work as well outside of such exceptional catastrophes, namely generally, every single normal day, against our oppressors "above" (the word need not be capitalized here, though a bit more solidarity regarding That One might not be out of place either!) and their dirty habit to decide upon our lives and property and happiness.

The earth quake and resulting tsunamis could not be prevented. But it could have been prevented that so many died. Maybe all could have been saved. For that, warning devices should be, and since long should have been, installed in that region, like they exist in the Pacific, in Hawaii for instance, and have proven to be effective and helpful. This doesn't require an exceptionally high expense. Should the countries in that region not be able to afford it alone, The West and the rest should help. It's always cheaper and better than waging wars. And in our own interest too. Or did our tourists not die also?

Let's have our own mercy upon ourselves.

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Innocent People Are Dying Daily in Iraq!

Christmas doesn't exist for them. A degenerate fake drunk baby Jesus is squatting in the manger of the barn of their Nativity scenes. Who will pray for them and protect them?
Picture of Angel, the masthead of Christmas Night, Inc., a company selling Nativity scenes

For good measure compare with a barn scene at home. Jesus is not in the middle, but on the right. He is the one who is "taking a walk on the wild side", sorry, right side, sorry, right-wing, sorry, religious right & neo-con. Religiously more on the right even than those he is ordering to be shot. He burns with fire, but unfortunately the others are consumed. [cf. -- Exod. 3:1-2]

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

I can't contribute, I need contributions myself...

But I can at least try to maybe help by making the following message received tonight (actually I think I opened it a couple of days late) known to a number of additional people.

X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Version
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 11:10:41 -0500
From: Sharon Harris
Subject: What happened to our mail?

Dear Liberator Online reader,

The Advocates for Self-Government is facing an unexpected fiscal emergency. I must ask you for help.

Without your help, I'm not sure how we'll get through the next few weeks and months.

Here's the situation: Every year, we mail out a Year-End Report to our supporters. The letter talks about our achievements during the past year and outlines our plans for the coming year.

The letter also asks for donations. We're a nonprofit organization, so ALL our funds come from people who voluntarily support our libertarian outreach and educational efforts.

The Year-End Report is our single biggest annual source of revenue. It provides the funding we need to keep going through the Winter and into the Spring.

We always mail our Year-End Report at the end of November -- right before the big Christmas mail rush. That early mailing date allows our supporters to make a donation by December 31st, so they can deduct it from this year's taxes.

Normally, by now, donations from that Year-End Report would be pouring into our office.

Not this year. So far, we've only received FOUR responses. Even worse, I contacted 20 regular donors from around the country -- and NOT ONE OF THEM has even received the letter yet.

Obviously, something is drastically wrong.

So, on Thursday, I started making phone calls, first to our mail house and then to Post Office officials.

It was frustrating, as I'm sure you can imagine. When dealing with a government monopoly like the Post Office, information is hard to come by. And getting through the layers of bureaucracy can be a challenge.

Eventually, here's what we learned: The Post Office told our mail house they THINK our Year-End Report was shipped from their facility in Jacksonville, Florida. (Third Class mail is shipped in batches from central locations to local post offices around the country.)

But the Post Office is not 100% sure that it actually WAS shipped.

And if it was shipped, they are not exactly sure WHEN.

And if it was shipped, they can't tell us exactly WHERE it is in the mail process -- or when people around the country might receive it.

Because of this confusion, we can't figure out exactly what went wrong. It could be that our mailing house messed up. It could be that the Post Office's central facility misdirected the mailing. It could be that local postal services are running horrifically late in delivering it. We just don't know. We haven't yet been able to find out.

In other words, our Year-End Report mailing -- the Advocates' single most important fundraiser of the year -- has disappeared into a postal "Twilight Zone."

This puts us in a terrible bind. We need the revenue from the Year-End Report to keep operating through December and January.

Without that revenue, I don't know how we'll continue to fund the programs libertarians count on -- like our Liberator Online newsletter. The World's Smallest Political Quiz. The Lights of Liberty Awards. Operation Politically Homeless. And so many more.

You see, we're on a very tight budget. We don't have big cash reserves to get us through difficult times.

If our Year-End Report is delivered two weeks late, we'll suffer. If it's a month late, we'll face a real crisis.

Yes, we could reprint and re-mail the Year-End Report, but that would take several weeks. And the cost would consume much of the funds we were expecting from the mailing. (And we'd still have to wonder whether the Post Office would actually deliver that new mailing.)

That's why I'm turning to you. I need your help.

Could you, right now, make an emergency donation to help the Advocates get through this crisis?

If just one or two people reading this message could give $5,000, that would make all the difference. (I wouldn't ask for such a large amount if the situation wasn't so serious.) If you CAN afford $5,000, now is the time it will do the most good. You can be a real hero!

If that's too much, $1,000, or $500, or $100 would be a huge help.

Even $25 or $50 will help us fight our way through this emergency.

We're in real trouble -- and we need your help. ANYTHING you give will help us to stay afloat long enough for our annual contributors to (eventually?) get the Year-End Report -- and respond in their typical generous fashion.

Again, we don't how long that will be. It could be a week. It could be two weeks. It could be a month.

But we can't wait a week, or two weeks, or a month to ask for help. We have bills that are due right now. And we don't want to curtail our important libertarian outreach and educational efforts.

We need your help, right now.

Anything you can give will be appreciated. Please click here to make a contribution:

Thank you in advance for your support. It makes me proud that the Advocates has supporters like you whom we can count on at a time like this.

                For liberty,

                Sharon Harris
                President, Advocates for Self-Government

PS: You may be wondering if the Post Office might have deliberately "lost" our Year-End Report because they don't like our libertarian ideas.

I don't think so. I think this is just a case of a government monopoly that faces no competition -- and therefore doesn't have to offer good customer service. It's just another example of WHY libertarians support the free market.

But we don't have a free market. So we're at the mercy of the Post Office.

Fortunately, we have YOU on our side. We know we can count on you. Our generous and principled supporters have never let us down. We know you won't let us down now.

Your donation at will help us get through this emergency. Our donation page is safe and secure. You can make a donation with 100 percent confidence. Thank you!

P.S. In the Liberator Online newsletter issue I received today the following URL is given where the report sent by snail mail can be read online:

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Merry Christmas from the Schoollands in Hawaii!

On the occasion of the launching of Jonathan Gullible in German and The Philosophy of Liberty in English on my sites, Ken Schoolland and his wife and daughter are sending to all of us their best wishes and regret that I cannot be there to join them in the festivities. My best wishes to them also and to all of you!

Picture of Ken Schoolland and his family in Hawaii

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Thank you, Supreme Soviet in Brussels!

parody of EU flag with hammer and sickle inserted into each star

[the following quoted from: EDRI-gram biweekly newsletter about digital civil rights in Europe Number 2.24, 15 December 2004 ~ highlights in bold added by me]


2. Public denied access to Council documents on Data Retention
The draft Framework Decision on the retention of traffic data resulting from electronic communication has been sent to the European Parliament at the beginning of December. This started the public part of the lawmaking process. But the Council of the European Union has still failed to declassify the very document that the Parliament is supposed to vote on next spring. On 2 December 2004 the ministers of Justice and Home Affairs, united in the JHA Council, decided to focus on an extended obligation to store telecom traffic data. Instead of an obligation to store traffic data already processed by companies for billing or internal company purposes, a majority in the Council is now in favour of an obligation to collect and store all traffic data for law enforcement purposes. This includes for example location data collected when using a mobile phone, history of web sites visited, IP numbers of partners contacted in Instant Messaging services, as well

addressees and senders of all e-mails sent and received

..This data will have to be collected by ISPs and telecom providers, but standardised interfaces will facilitate access for law enforcement and intelligence services. With methods of data mining, the data can be assembled into

detailed personality profiles, including contacts, travels, shopping habits, political, religious and sexual likes and dislikes, for all users of electronic communication.


You are worse than Hitler and Honecker combined. The benefits you offer are but a Trojan horse for your Orwellian project!

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

"Rumsfeld and Wehrmacht go home!"

I am documenting on a separate page an appeal (in German and French) received today from Mr. Henri Wehenkel of ",déi Lénk’ - ‚la Gauche’ ", one of the two communist parties in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, presently having no seat in the parliament (they still had one in the previous legislative period). I do this because I strongly agree with what they have to say in this case, namely that at tomorrow's commemoration of the "Battle of the Bulge" in my home country Luxemburg the one hundred veterans from the United States are very cordially, warmly, sincerely welcome, but this is not the case for the also one hundred American politicians and representatives of the present American government that were also invited (by the Eurocratic big-mouth government of our little super-power, hardly by the population, except those sheeple who let others think and act for them) and include Rumsfeld and Hastert (of Luxemburg descent) responsible for the war of aggression against Iraq which is not in agreement with international law (and not with the American Constitution!). This administration glorified the war, justified torture and threw an entire people into endless bloodshedding. An heartfelt welcome is though also extended to those American guests who believe in peace. I wonder if Michael Badnarik has also been invited ‹ROTFL›.

Our Luxemburg communists mention that two years ago 15,000 people had protested against this war in Luxemburg (a country of roughly only 460,000 inhabitants) and that today they do not want to consent to the commemoration of the liberation from the yoke of the Nazis being used to pay homage to war criminals. So they invite all who are against war and torture to picket the U.S. Embassy in Luxemburg tomorrow, December 17, at 6 p.m., and say that they want all our American friends to know what we think. War criminals are not welcome in Luxemburg.

They are adding the following late news: The commanding officer of an elite unit of the Wehrmacht [= Wehrmacht ~ for those who cannot read the old German Gothic font...] is going to talk to pupils in 6 primary/elementary schools about his recollections from WWII. If this is true, I personally consider it indeed an affront and a scandal. Nothing better can be expected from some Germans, but that this seems to be organized or condoned by the Luxemburg government is the real scandal! The Eurocratic attempt to obliterate history is of course a way to make Europe's totalitarian character look good. What started with the Comité Franco-Allemand of the steel barons (as classical liberal they may have been) is already gliding step by step into a new Stahlgewitter [= Stahlgewitter ~ cf. Ernst Jünger, that male Leni Riefenstahl]. A vicious circle.

It is high time to protest against the militarization going on in the EU and even in Luxemburg, that traditionally anti-militaristic country, as I unfortunately had to notice a while ago already.

To my American libertarian readers in particular: The communist circles in Luxemburg cannot be fully compared to what you know or imagine communists are, can be or have been elsewhere. Of course, they have always had the grace of not being in power in Luxemburg (except "maybe" a few hours after November 10, 1918). It's always easy to be better if you are in the opposition. Anyway, they can proud themselves of a glorious history, having saved the country in 1937 from a right-wing dictatorship and a Patriot Act sort of thing ("Maulkorbgesetz", "loi muselière", "muzzling law") and having contributed to the resistance against the Nazis. They are still a useful ferment.

Against the militarization of our youth!

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Let Us Have Some Fun!

It is about time. The sad state of affairs resulting from the presence of the state requires a regular dose of entertainment and amusement to keep our health going. So many good authors on this site and elsewhere (I picked two from elsewhere this time) concoct the right medicine for our enlightenment and enjoyment. The medicine most often makes us smile or laugh, but sometimes the subject does not allow for laughs, we have to get our satisfaction out of the good writing, the amazing story or the mere contemplation of the scandals reported.

A major addition

Another whole book has been added to this site today, an excellent German translation of the famous "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey" by Ken Schoolland. I think this fits very well both the requirement of great enlightenment and gripping entertaining reading. The book so far has been published in 30 languages. This German translation of 1995 was made by Stephan Kopp who also published it in print in 1998, but as soon as a few copies were sold, the publisher disappeared, simply really dropping off the face of the Earth. Some Libertarians tell that he told his close friends that he was pulling a John Galt disappearance. Maybe anyone can tell us more. Considering that the newest 2001 English commentary edition of JG is four times the length of this early edition, we should consider the German edition a sampler of the book. We welcome anyone who would be interested in publishing this in German. Here is the German online version: Die Abenteuer des Jonathan Gullible.

Man paid $20,000 support for non-existent child

This is no joke. So nothing to laugh really. As said above, you can only get your kicks out of the amazement at such supreme self-confidence of some women encouraged by the state. One would rather wish the same chutzpah against the state in general instead of using it. In this week's column Agency Culpable in Child Support Scam Wendy McElroy analyses, with her usual brilliant style and reasoning, an extraordinary case (but actually only a particularly big protuberance of a state-produced mycelium). So have fun, if possible, with your mouth gaping and your eyes wide open. More endearing women mentioned further below...

A partridge in a pear tree

Well, we are close to Christmas, which for some, sad to say, is no laughing matter. But Jonathan David Morris in this week's column Pennsylvania: Come for the Sights, Stay for the… Milk? is very very funny and makes us laugh, at the expense of the state. That's a good boy!

You will learn about the middle finger, the common weal, communism, traffic (in NJ and PA, as you will have guessed), that favourite high symbolism of his for politics, and a lot about curious birds, of which the United States offer so many, from jail birds to state birds.

And there are fossils. The state is unfortunately not yet among them.

For bird watching trust JDM or the endearing women mentioned further below...

Shoes, shoes, shoes

From Germany came "Manitou's Shoe" (that's truly in the laughing department), on this site we have JDM's Persecution at the Shoe Store and my Terrorism in the Shoe and now I recommend (not on this site unfortunately) Garry Reed's "Future Regulators of America" containing the "Mandatory Shoe Policy Designed to 'Last'". Since Garry Reed's loose cannon is accustomed to shooting more than one bullet in the endeavour of chipping away at the monster state, I take the opportunity to recommend another funny column: Invasion of the Privacy Snatchers. Quote:

The National Government Paper-Pusher’s Mandatory Mental Colonoscopy

1. When did you decide to become a scum-sucking bureaucrat?

    a. When I discovered my own incompetence
    b. The first time I was startled by my own shadow
    c. When I outgrew my stroller
    d. When Mummy weaned me from her breast

Bush's balls exposed for what they are

Let's talk French to finally get to the announced endearing women, ces néoconnasses et leurs néoconneries. They are turned on by Bush's balls, that's what made them reelect the incumbent. "He's Got Two of 'Em." Unless this means two dicks, thus beating the Democrat before him and allowing for twin Monicas. Read all about it in Ilana Mercer's latest firework column Lethal Weapons: Neocon Groupies. Every word in it is quotable, if I except those that Google would omit in searches or that the University of Chicago Press's Manual of Style would expect you to not capitalize in the title of works. So I won't quote anything, but please read it. You will thank me, chuckling all the way at the erotico-political language, for having kept the promise of my heading "Let Us Have Some Fun!" ~ now you can make bets on whether they are shaved or tattooed or whatever... :-)

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

American Hitlers
One Nation, Indivisible
Liberty and Justice for All
Looking Forward

Who the American Hitlers are, you will learn when reading Rex Curry's latest column. You will also learn the disastrous implications of the "One Nation, Indivisible" principle. And what deadly threat the slogan "Liberty and Justice for All" can mean depending on the mind or mouth it comes out. And "Looking Forward" is pure irony here, considering the massive dangers your life, health, liberty, property and happiness are in, dangers the Surgeon General does not think of warning you against.

I like Rex Curry's latest column because it combines practically all of the author's important statements in one article and shows the relation between them. Some things are even said in a more radical strikingly clear way than in previous articles.

So I advise you to read it calmly and ponder each detail. Absolutely.

Go directly to Should Southerners Chant the Pledge of Allegiance?

You can also access it via my Op-Ed page.

The pictures mentioned in the article can be seen here later, as a major one is not visible, due to a coding error. I advised the webmaster. So maybe wait a couple days before you visit.

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Thursday, December 9, 2004

Cloak-and-dagger stories of late

When "science" and money flirt, daggers (or politics! where's the difference?!) are not far away, and are often syringes these days. Three cases in point, by Wendy McElroy:

A. See my few lines of introduction to her latest column in my Gay section.
B. Infidelity Gene: Sensational, but Science? (her second latest column).
C. Her older column Mandatory Mental Health Screening Threatens Privacy, Parental Rights, which warning has become even more urgent now. See Jarret Wollstein's article Universal forced mental health tests on the ISIL site (International Society for Individual Liberty).

Morality gave notice and is now among the unemployed...

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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

A late bloomer indeed

In his latest column The Spies Inside My Computer, or: Why Can't This Be Love? Jonathan David Morris is complaining about pop up ads that seem to him to have become a plague recently. He is totally unaware of the fact that they are with us since Mount Sinai!!! From those times still very full of yahoos we have only evolved enough to now have Yahoo!®. And our Messianic hopes are just marketing of our Billie the Gates to Hell. JDM also seems oblivious of the fact that "Apple®" is around since even before Mount Sinai, namely in the Garden of Eden. An apple a day keeps... And doesn't he know that Jonathan and David didn't need any cell phone to communicate, with or without diamonds*)? Though in the Song of Songs, the diamonds are peridots and sapphires, but we are in another department here... Reformat!

*) "Yes, I suppose in an ideal world we would all have Spybot, Ad-Aware, or possibly both installed on our computers (I do), but who, then, will collect all those free diamond-studded cell phones? It’s a dirty job—I am well aware—but somebody‘s got to collect them." [JDM's answer to a comment to his column]

I almost had hoped that JDM had found some little merit in some positions of the left critical of our kind of pseudo-market, but he managed to go straight again and defend the libertarian talisman, though admitting to some dirt.

His second latest column Supernatural Selection happens to be about communication, too, and about Communication, too. The former happily not via cell phones, with or without diamonds, but through an old-fashioned form more akin to what Jonathan and David must have used and which I personally keep in pleasant memory from childhood.**) The latter is more akin to the above mentioned Mount Sinai Pop Up Ads Cast In Stone. It's the Boss talking directly. But there has been so much muffling since Sem, Moses, Yeshua, Mohammed, Bin Laden... that it is about time to stop the telephone. And to stop denigrating science. And to stop telling, like our great Wendy McElroy did, believe it or not, that the Middle Ages in Europe comprise the 15th to the 18th centuries. I rather think that the United States are still smack in the middle of the Middle Ages right now, at least half of the population. No wonder that they succeeded in bringing a country like Iran back to the Middle Ages. Stop being afraid of the dirty truth. Stop playing kickball. Better curse!

**) We played it as kids because someone had learned about it somehow and suggested it to the rest of us, without any instructor, or even got the idea himself. I have never been to any camp. In my small home country we were never mass manipulated to that extent in those times. No socialist kindergartens yet. We also had no cousins Bellamy...

His third latest column Basketball: A Blame Game is, like the other two, highly recommended. Excellent writing. Excellent reading. Enjoy! But, like with the previous column, I take the liberty to criticize. I am as little convinced of the benefits of religion as of the merits of team sports. I rather side here with Kapt. Kanada whom I have quoted on this site with 'To Hell With Football...and baseball and basketball and soccer and hockey and cricket and rugby. As a matter of fact, to hell with all "team sports" played with ball or puck. They promote fascism, communism and imperialism.' Team sports are mainly for, sorry JDM, I know you do not like the expression, the "sheeple". Maybe you are afraid to be considered one of them. :) Because with sports you seem not to have bloomed late like with the Net.

The column contains two significant remarks about children, which leads me to the following comment: Keep children from the truth and reality of life and that's when you get election results as this November.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

I'm ill

And have been for more than two weeks. In addition, I have been "bitten by a snake", meaning accused by a drum-beating left-feminist intriguer and left bleeding in a total lack of male-male solidarity, when the wound should have been sucked...

Till I feel better again, I skip all comments, just draw your attention to new columns. My health (both physical and financial) being a prerequisite for all this, I better cater to that before I get into more trouble.

Not working on my website with the same devotion as before, this has resulted in the plop of the number of unique visitors from 15,976 in October to 15,758 in November. No kidding, this is a real plop, as a big increase was to be expected, had I been able to work on it as planned. But putting things off, advancing at a slower place maybe (might even increase quality!), does not mean giving things up!

So now, which new goodies do we have for you on the Op-Ed page which you would be well advised to visit from time to time without me having to clobber you into doing it? Don't tell mother hen that you have read everything on it already!

From Rex Curry:

The myth of the "Roman Salute" (made in the U.S.A.)


Brown v Board of Racist Education
May 17: End government schools

From Wendy McElroy:

Domestic Violence: Behind the Stereotypes

In Defense of Beauty Pageants

The Victims of 'Victimhood'

From Jonathan David Morris:

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State

Christmas In November

Basketball: A Blame Game [my comment in the oven!]

Supernatural Selection [my comment in the oven!]

From Bob Smith:

Dead for being guilty of riding with a gun [I particularly recommend reading this, as it shows the unique perversity of the present American legal system and any similar system and also how women are better...!]

By the way, my illness (and subsequent bite) had been initiated at the wonderful (as it had appeared then) feminist witch's birthday party. The food, the wine, the tobacco, the grass. And drums. Witches about to save the world. They think.

[To be followed maybe: "News from the Reign of Vaginacracy" and their male henchmen...]

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