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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Michael Badnarik won!

Michael Badnarik has just been nominated presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party of the United States at their national convention in Atlanta. Congratulations!

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

On today...

May 29, 2004

Republicans Can't Handle the Truth

by Paul Sperry

You will be grateful to me, as I am grateful to a friend who drew my attention to the above article. Do not wait to read it here:

Paul Sperry is the author of Crude Politics: How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2003).

Let me quote what he said in an interview he gave to Barnes & Noble, the famous booksellers, answering the question who these "cronies" are:

"They include onetime Caspian energy industry lobbyist Zalmay Khalilzad, Bush's broker for regime change in Kabul and now Baghdad; Dick Cheney, whose Halliburton Co. has long been a player in both the Caspian and in Iraq; Condi Rice, longtime director of ChevronTexaco, the Caspian's biggest investor and also a player now in Iraq; Deputy Secretary of State Rich Armitage, formerly a powerful Caspian lobbyist in Washington; commerce secretary Don Evans, whose former oil firm is partly owned by Unocal, the original lead investor in the trans-Afghan pipelines that Khalilzad lobbied for and which are now on the fast track to development...the rest of the cronies are listed in the "Players & Power Brokers" section in the front of Crude Politics. Many of them were among the principals who crafted the post-9/11 war strategy."

And I always thought that Condi was a cook of black beans and rice by profession... How mistaken one can be! Like my very distant American cousin Karen was a year ago and maybe still is "about the war in Iraq and U.S. foreign policy", unless she has continued to read my site in stealth fashion or her soldier son has reported a few facts to her breaking her political carapace.

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"the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party"

It is only my friend Tom who could come up with such an exquisite pearl!...

See On-The-Spot Coverage of the LP's 2004 National Convention from Rational Review

What about the monarchist wing of the Republican Party?


Didn't I mention wings somewhere in this blog? :-) See NEW MANGLEMENT further down...

PS: The colours in the header/in the quote are not by Tom.

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Friday, May 28, 2004

~~~ invitation to the opening with aperitif
& classic guitar music by Patrizio Colto of
the exhibition of watercolours by writer &
painter Anna Lauwaert at the famous Swiss ~
Grand Hotel Locarno ~ in Locarno-Muralto TI
~ for more details see these invitations: ~
~~~~~ in German at ~~~~~~
~~~~~ in Italian at ~~~~~

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Imperial candor

When a few days ago I read the following news item in the [RRND] 05/24 issue of Rational Review News Digest's newsletterI immediately thought: what an absolutely wonderful admission this is that "they" intend to continue abusing people...

Even in Nazi concentration camps cell phones with cameras were not forbidden ... <very special CB humor>


PS: Full URL for later:
When the day will have come when the above tiny URL will not resolve anymore to the monstrously long one of Yahoo!, I have prepared something for you for that day: Shitty #0

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To Hell With Football

"...and baseball and basketball and soccer and hockey and cricket and rugby. As a matter of fact, to hell with all "team sports" played with ball or puck. They promote fascism, communism and imperialism."

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The Death of David Reimer

A tale of sex, science, and abuse

by Jesse Walker on reasononline/Free Minds and Free Markets of May 24, 2004

I recommend to read this article in addition to Wendy's.

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Wendy's Fiftieth!

picture of Wendy McElroy taken on May 2, 2002
NO, NOT her birthday! As you can see above! On May 19 her fiftieth guest column was uploaded into my Op-Ed section. This wealth of information and insight available on my Op-Ed page has to be duly marked! I am sorry to be a week late. BUT: see what you got. In her 50th column Wendy writes on true personal problems and fake social ones regarding the mating game of successful women "marrying down" and on some more flaws of feminism [a criticism some "masculinists" may be happy to agree with :-)]. And her 51st column, added yesterday, exposes one of the most tragic frauds of feminism (the kind of feminism she so successfully attacks all the time), the crime of reassigning gender, of nurture-versus-nature theory, and condemns the word and concept of "gender", as opposed to sex. This feminism can kill! And it does!

While with JDM's latest column it is only his toes that are "killed" by his sneakers. Recuperate from Wendy's shocking report by reading about Jonathan David's lighter tragedy in Persecution at the Shoe Store. There must be some hidden message in it somewhere.

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Lynndie England III

"War is not normal or healthy. When otherwise nice people, like Lynndie England of West Virginia, have total control over other human beings, they can turn into monsters. I'm not saying she is a victim, but she was exhibiting predictable behavior given the circumstances in which she was placed."

"[...]authority, in and of itself, is the root of much of the world's evil."

"What should we take away from this scandal? Authority should be fought at every stage, at every level, in every age, in every way, and in every country. War and prison are extreme forms of authority and should be battled even harder."

"I can think of no better terrorist-recruiting tool than the sight of a female American soldier standing over a leashed and collared Iraqi without clothes."

"The Middle East's problems are a direct result of both the brutalities of the Crusades, and the political boundaries drawn by the British after World War I."

The above short quotes, of which I would want the last four sentences (please count them exactly!) to be sculpted in marble or cast in bronze and placed in the entrance of court houses and other public buildings instead of those Ten Commandments (you know what I am alluding to), are from former US Army officer and Contributing Editor Joey B. King's ~ Freedom's Flame ~ column of this week, on R. Lee Wrights's great "Liberty For All" Online Magazine website. The title of the column is

What's a Nice Girl from West Virginia Doing in a Place like This?

Read it. Please read it. Above all supporters of the Iraqi War should read it, this species of people that can, sad to say, be found even among "libertarians". One of the authors of my sites was still with this gang a year ago, one other still is, though much more hesitantly now than previously. It's like if progress was possible after all, if it weren't that damn slow. Joey B. King explains the war problem and the interconnectedness so well here that there may be some hope for a change at the horizon.

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Lynndie England II

I think I have to get back one moment to that Abu Ghraib topic present in several of my recent posts (see further down, if you like strong words), so that you may compare how I see this lady with the way one of the best libertarian authors sees her, thus having plenty of fodder for you own thinking. Twelve days ago I had posted a comment on my German website about her, for a reason that you will easily understand: I wanted to point my finger at something that had given German history and through it world history a very bad turn. And still does! And as I wanted three American friends of mine to read my text, I quickly translated it into English for them. Lacking the time to do a maybe better translation for general publication, I decided today to let my English speaking audience have this translation as it is. The German original is still on the home page of (the permanent link for later is The translation is below and that other opinion will be in my next post Lynndie England III above.

05/15/2004 entry: "Lynndie England (21)"

Lynndie England (21)

I quote from the online edition of the Luxemburger Wort, namely from the report "Accused woman soldier defends herself: she acted upon orders/According to England the photographs were made in order to intimidate other prisoners with it":

"None of those already charged has the feeling to have done something wrong, said England, after all they only have followed instructions."

How honorable! Honi soit qui mal y pense ~~ thinking for example of the Nuremberg Trials, where the beasts had used that same argument.

It gets even better:

"England is pregnant in her fifth month and stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina."

What a good mother she will become! I would not have wished for one like that. I am wondering if the child has an Iraqi father? After all, this whole fun in this prison has been going on for over a year...

Fort Bragg? How fitting! Hasn't she let herself be photographed often enough in the pose of a Braggart?! And what a snout, so I have to quote the picture too:

Photo of Lynndie England, the leash woman

Be it as it may, I will have to put up with the fact that I fell for an illusion and made a mistake in reasoning. I grew up at a time when and in a culture where women were generally regarded as the morally better sex. That was the illusion.
The mistake in reasoning was the generalization hidden behind this view, which is also inherent to the still not yet overcome concept of collective guilt. Again an argument for more individualism.

Those who would like to read funnier, more biting and better founded things on this topic [in English; for illiterates ;-) there is however a photo and a cartoon... ], should go as quickly as possible to my blog
"CB's notewok", which contains in addition excellent, informative links.

War is unfortunately the best job-creating measure for journalists... (and for many others...)

PS: An important and unusual contribution (from yesterday) to this question of "obeying orders" in the US military, written by a female former soldier, Kathryn A. Graham, can be found here: I am ashamed.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Patriot Act is a Refuge for Scoundrels

By Jonathan David Morris

This is a truly neat new column by JDM, brilliant writing from a great political and cultural satirist who is deadly earnest and serious to the core. He has to be, with that situation we are in! But his tender soul shows mercy with us, as we have to swallow such increasing horror in the news, and donates us enough good phrasing and wording to coax out a bunch of smiles from us, so that we may still be able to stand it a while, long enough to think and understand and then, I hope, act. As we will soon not be able to stand it anymore...

"Because of the Patriot Act, you can't discuss the Patriot Act. It's brilliant!" is one of the memorable sentences in his column.

Or a nice "digression", as he calls it, like the following: "... expecting democracy to protect us. It won't. Hell, even Hitler was elected. We all know how that turned out." Digress, my friend, digress, don't stop!

"See, we told you America's trying to change our culture" is a sentence Arabs or Muslims had some good reasons to utter these days. Pursuing criminals in order to punish them gives you no right to punish all their compatriots. It's high time to give up once and for all this concept of collective guilt. On both sides.

And how I can understand them. As an European, since decades, I am also split over the question whether, among the cultural changes that America, with the complicity of the EU, brought to this wonderfully diverse continent I was born into, the part that one can consider positive is bigger or not than the part which has to be considered negative and which amounts to some very heavy cultural losses.

Discover this new column on my Op-Ed/guest columns page.

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Monday, May 17, 2004

Zarqawi be damned

Canadian journalist and columnist Firas Al-Atraqchi writes, with courage and insight and with the correct indictments and warnings, about this horrible crime of the assassination of Nicholas Berg. May many read his column.

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Friday, May 14, 2004

I just wrote a letter to Mr. Bush.

Here it is:

Dear Mr. Bush,

On July 18, 2003, the U.S. Justice Department filed a criminal indictment in Miami against Greenpeace, Inc., the U.S. affiliate of the global Greenpeace movement. The charge stems from events on April 12, 2002, when two Greenpeace activists boarded a commercial ship several miles off the coast of Florida. Greenpeace had learned that the ship was carrying mahogany illegally exported from Brazil's Amazon rainforest. The protestors sought to hang on the ship a banner that read "President Bush: Stop Illegal Logging."

This appears to be the first time in United States history that the government has criminally prosecuted an entire organization because of the public protest or civil disobedience actions of its supporters. For the sake of the world's forests, and for the sake of freedom, we urge you to end this prosecution immediately.

It is ironic that the U.S. government indicted Greenpeace the very same month that President Bush launched a new global initiative to end illegal logging in the world’s endangered forests. Greenpeace has worked closely with the government of Brazil against illegal logging in the Amazon. Indeed, Greenpeace has worked around the world, through research, advocacy, and action, to protect ancient forests. Work by Greenpeace has been critical to spurring the United States and other countries to strengthen the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), including heightened protection for mahogany.

Yet destruction of the Amazon and other ancient forests continues. This destruction threatens clean air and water, animal and plant species, and the people and cultures who depend on forests for their way of life. Large criminal
enterprises, using bribery, extortion, slavery, and murder, continue to ravage the Amazon and export their contraband, much of it into the United States.

Greenpeace's April 2002 peaceful protest action was aimed at alerting U.S. authorities to the contraband on the ship and highlighting this continued forest destruction.

As you know, the United States has a venerable tradition of
civil protest, from the Boston Tea Party to the modern civil rights movement. It would be a sad day for freedom if a peaceful protest action by Greenpeace causes the U.S. government to change course and seek to criminalize entire organizations for free speech activities.

We urge you to crack down harder on criminal enterprises who are destroying the Amazon and smuggling contraband into the United States – and to stop prosecuting Greenpeace for blowing the whistle on this illegal trade.


Christian Butterbach


PS Please note, I have also sent a copy of this letter to Mr. Christopher Wray, Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, Department of Justice.

Exactly the same letter I also sent to Mr. Ashcroft, and, as noted in the PS, to Mr. Wray, without the PS in that case of course. All three letters went off both by fax and by e-mail. On this website my e-mail address is shown only in dots, in order to hide it from spammers.

I suggest that you do exactly the same here:

PS: Action closed in the meantime.
Greenpeace tells so, offers a link to the results, but the page reached does not stand up to that promise. What's going on? [May 29, 2004]

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The frat boys

as viewed by ifeminist woman Wendy and real man Jonathan David. I have to pass, not being a real man, knowing the thing only from the outside, from the skinflickers*) in porn magazines like "Frat House Flicks", All Color, 100 Pages, Adults Only, All Models Are Over Eighteen...

Too bad that I cannot post here a few of those pictures, certainly more commendable than those coming out of Abu Ghraib and revealed by CBS and others. We are not yet living under libertarianism. We are living in a military empire.

So our models are more skinny, only skulls and bones, and are competing for the limelight in November.

Candidate Aaron Russo would bring that empire down and in addition would be more pleasantly unskinny, with a warmer smile and a warmer heart no doubt.

An Imperial Court, either with an elephant or a donkey in the coat of arms, could not anymore, like in Versailles or other aristocratic courts, play the arbiter elegantiae, the result of which are disgustingly displayed to us, in ape-like fashion, by the lower orders in Abu Ghraib. These are not rich kids, who humiliate each other voluntarily in a short rite of initiation, but rabble-raised averages that play one-upmanship with guns and bars a whole year long at least, to be able to imagine themselves as not being underdogs. This is not the crowd from a fraternity at Yale or a sorority at Vassar, but a new development of the New American Century's military dictatorship: a sorority-fraternity! An affirmative action of sorts in our realm of diversity policies.


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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

All You Democrats

My three step emergency guide for the first essential step to get out of the present mess in America and thus in the world:
  1. Do not vote for Bush and the Republicans in November!
In spite of Kevin Tuma's A NANNY IS BETTER THAN A NAZI ~ NO GUTS TO VOTE LIBERTARIAN? - VOTE DEMOCRAT on my Op-Ed page, step 2 of my list is essential.

You will understand this very clearly if you read an older, and in important ways prophetic, essay by L. Neil Smith. It is a summary of all the guilty decisions since 1912 that have led to the present mess and it offers solutions that could even reform the guilty one, the Democratic Party. A reformation of that dimension is of course not necessary at all for the Libertarian Party... But in case you have not yet the guts to vote Libertarian, you have at least a very theoretical possibility, should you believe in such a reform of the Democratic Party being possible and around the corner (IT IS NOT!), to soothe your conscience, if you support that century old proven evil. The Republican neo-con evil is still an infant compared to that and a willing heir.

This essay, that should have been published on my website early last year, for some reason unfortunately wasn't. While working on my Op-Ed page still in construction, it reappeared and I made it accessible there today.

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Monday, May 10, 2004

individual responsibility

You can read plenty of elegant and not so elegant bullshit these days on any topic and mainly the topic of war, Iraq, the prison abuses (Abu Ghraib, Texas, Guantanamo etc.). You also could read, more than most people will have time to, excellent columns that are not bullshit at all. If for instance you let yourself be informed of their existence by a newsletter like Rational Review News Digest, commentary section. But it is not every day of the year that you can read the thought (and in his power of language) of a giant. Absolutely don't miss

Torturing the Truth

by L. Neil Smith. A specimen:

"That truth is simply this: it isn't the Moslems who came to the west to push us around, steal our resources, sneer at our customs and beliefs, depose our leaders and replace them with puppets, reshape our political institutions, or redraw our national borders to suit their own foul purposes. No, that's what we Europeanoids have been doing to them.

Get this through your head right now, because it's not going to go away, no matter how much you may hate being compelled to recognize it. It's a fact that will largely determine the shape of the 21st century. Americans and Europeans are the aggressors in this conflict, and what happened in New York on September 11, 2001, was an act of long-delayed retaliation."

If this specimen does shock you, please read it in context at

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Sunday, May 9, 2004


Click the quoted cartoon to see it in better quality, while being forwarded at the same time to the cartoon's source in a new window, where you will also find a link to participate in a discussion.

Scott Bieser cartoon

If those darling angels of the present administration in their dazzling white-washed sheets have these now laundered in this new way by their inspired staff, passing them through that second-hand mangle, I'm afraid that the stains they caught already will be so thick and heavy that, with the speed of Air Force One, they will come out of the blue and down to earth with a bump. Descension Day will be in November next. Be on the lookout for broken wings scattered everywhere and sell them second-hand to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

A lot of skulls and bones will happily be done with and the lookalike contest be over. No need for a reality TV show anymore. This truer than true show has lasted long enough already. But a good Hollywood movie should no doubt be produced. By Aaron Russo, who else. I wish him and us all a great box office success ~~ on Election Day.

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"That's not the way we do things in America. And so I didn't like it one bit."

Thus spoke Mr. President in the White House Rose Garden during an appearance with visiting Canadian prime Minister Paul Martin. You can read reports about this all over the place. A proclamation like from that Moses on Mount Sinai, but shorter.

This man deserves a kiss! What for? you may ask. For the above lie maybe? ~~ Just let me quote something else:

"The corrections experts say that some of the worst abuses have occurred in Texas, whose prisons were under a federal consent decree during much of the time President Bush was governor because of crowding and violence by guards against inmates. Judge William Wayne Justice of Federal District Court imposed the decree after finding that guards were allowing inmate gang leaders to buy and sell other inmates as slaves for sex."

This quote is from Mistreatment of Prisoners Is Called Routine in U.S. by Fox Butterfield in The New York Times of May 8, 2004, a paper not known for its libertarian leanings. But in this field, liberal ones are good enough. ;-)

How about running that heading of my commentary by you again, this time the quotation more in full:

"I shared a deep disgust that those prisoners were treated the way they were treated," President Bush said. "Their treatment does not reflect the nature of the American people. That's not the way we do things in America. And so I didn't like it one bit."

The problem is, Mr. Bush IS NOT the American people. Or at least I hope so. Show it to him (in November)!

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Saturday, May 8, 2004

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I happen to see those prison pictures everyone is talking and writing about since days only tonight. Through a commentary link in Rational Review News Digest of today, May 7, I got around to inform myself by reading Dying for an exit strategy by Alan Bock on, which contains a link to the pictures and also to a page giving, if we did not know better, unbelievable information about that establishment member Rush Limbaugh. With Mel Gibson's movie as another highlight of that smut coming to us over the big pond, I can only say: It's enough! America, it's enough!
The last molecule of decency has left the American establishment. Since long. But now their total lack of morals makes me fear that they will not hesitate to push the button to a nuclear holocaust tomorrow morning. If tomorrow morning the American populace does not lynch everyone in that establishment, I will consider the American people to also have lost the last molecule of decency.
I am under a great shock.

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Thursday, May 6, 2004

Wendy McElroy being on the road...

(how nice if this road passed by my house!) ...her latest column reached me a day later. But it was worth the wait. That's no news of course. But, really, this is a particularly important column with her usual common sense and good and sound advice. Who else can put this delicate subject of guns and gun ownership -- and in the connection with children! -- such perfectly into a nutshell? A must reading for friend and foe!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2004




Not anyone. As there are good alternatives to the "empty vessels" JDM describes in today's guest column This Just In: John Kerry Is Dull. But, of course, JDM has first to open the eyes of the voters so that they may clearly see this emptiness (which one should wish to be even emptier in a sense: without skulls and bones and the explosives that create so many of these lately). Isn't it about time to break the tabu and spell out in writing and mention the word "Libertarian Party" to those same voters with their eyes now wide open? And to name the very electable and NOT empty (full of better fare) candidate Aaron Russo? And there are other good ones too at that LP! If one blames the media for always mentioning the same names only and the radio to play the same tunes, why not switch the tune oneself from that drab past to a brighter future, dear JDM?

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Lovers of hefty, hearty, healthy food

should sit at L. Neil Smith's ranch table, wonderfully decked out, and eat hungrily at !

This goes in particular for the thoroughly, radically




minded like myself. But above all for those numerous rickety ones who need to become well nourished to stop being so wimpy in front of our tripartite abusers all too happy to follow that old advice of Montesquieu, as well fed as they and their kind get in the process...

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