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06/10/2009 Entry: "John Zube 76 today (European time)!"

John Zube 76 today (European time)!

One year added to the round figure of last year... As usual for John down under, he is not the one receiving much as a gift from us on that day, but he is the one who is, like always, sending one! I am glad to be able to present you with the following gem:

Earth Warming through CO2?

Two snippets from a review of Plimer's book that might have escaped your attention.

MIND:"The mind is like a parachute. It only works, when it is open." Dr. Ian Plimer, "Heaven and Earth. Global Warming: The Missing Science", 2009, quoted in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, April 18-19, 2009, News Review, p. 9, smh.com.au by Miranda Devine, devinemiranda AT hotmail DOT com OPEN MIND, PREJUDICES

GLOBAL WARMING? "From the geologist's perspective, he says, our climate has always changed in cycles, affected by such variables as the orbit of the planet and our distance from the sun, which itself produces variable amounts of radiation. One of the lessons of 500 million years of history, he says, is that there is no relationship between carbon dioxide and temperature." - Dr. Ian Plimer, "Heaven and Earth. Global Warming: The Missing Science", 2009, reviewed in THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, April 18-19, 2009, News Review, p. 9, smh.com.au by Miranda Devine, devinemiranda AT hotmail DOT com

We should demand that the believers in Earth-Warming - through human activities - form a new church and finance the costs of their rituals themselves.

The right of peaceful individuals to secede and likewise that of dissenting and peaceful minorities - and to reorganize in communities of volunteers, of a governmental or societal type, under personal laws and their own kinds of voluntary contribution or taxation schemes, under full exterritorial autonomy, would at least exempt these tolerant separatists from the planned and to be territorially enforced unwarranted new burdens, institutions and regulations.

This secessionist and exterritorial autonomy freedom and right, a quite basic individual human right, would help us to cope with many other real problems as well. It would not only confine the burdens resulting from imagined problems to those, who imagine them.

Alas, even then, such dogmatic beliefs would tend to continue for a long time, at least among some people, contrary to most scientific findings, just like many to most religions do.

This review by M. D. covers ca. 1/3rd of a TSMH large page.

The heading, not the illustration, expresses its main message: "Planet doomsayers need a cold shower."

As for myself, I consider it a waste of time and energy to fight all the problems which our lawmakers produce for us, on a large, territorial scale and in uncounted numbers - one by one.

I do also doubt that there is sufficient reason, knowledge and ability among them, to which one can appeal. Or among the public, largely victims of the official mis-education system.

The power addicts are also in a position to finance the practice of their errors, myths and spleens with the help of our taxes.

We have no veto-right regarding these supposed "representatives" or simply the right to say: Count me out!

All imagined problems should be tackled together, systematically, e.g. by an Ideas Archive and an Encyclopedia of the Best Refutations of all Errors, Myths & Prejudices that Are Obstacles to Progress.

It should come to the stage when people would feel ashamed and ridiculous if they had uttered once more one of the popular errors and myths while it would then be easy to point out to them that they had failed to consult the encyclopedia of the best refutations regarding their false or flawed views.

PIOT, John Zube

PANARCHISM IN OUR TIME or: To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her choice


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