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05/27/2007 Entry: "What Does Virginia Have to Offer for You?"

What Does Virginia Have to Offer for You?

A lot and plenty, I should say...

The only scarce commodity may be virgins (of either sex), but that I don't know. No, I don't. And I don't know, if it is, if it has anything to do with the Pentagon at Arlington, Virginia. To make good for this eventual lack (if it is one!), you have instead so much that I couldn't possibly list it here. And "Virginia is for Lovers," as the Virginia Tourist Corporation states. To learn more about the Virgin Queen, Virgineola, Virginny and all the rest of the striking history and the present so tempting offerings, maybe start reading here and here and also look here. The last link now draws your attention to something unique this year, the celebration of "America's 400th Anniversary," throughout the state. "There has never been a better time to plan a Virginia vacation." Discover the most intriguing story of America's history, the founding of Jamestown.

And while I'm at it, this site and "CB's notewok," like usual, have something special and even much better to draw your kind and selfish attention to:


It has been a number of years since ISIL's world conference last took place in the United States. So, this is a unique occasion for Americans themselves, but also for those living closer to the US than to the locations of five of the six latest conferences. Only Mexico in 2002 was close. Plus for those many people around the world who like traveling to the United States and for those who never have done so, but have always planned. Like so many people in Germany, where I live.

While the ISIL conference takes place in the Jamestown area, at Williamsburg, and includes a tour of Colonial Williamsburg and an opening reception featuring a welcoming committee comprised of local Indians and a fascinating history of the region as told by "John Rolfe" (aka Dick Cheatham) of Pocahontas fame, plus an optional post conference tour to take in the sensational historic marvels of the Jamestown/Yorktown, Charlottesville and Richmond areas, it goes far beyond this commemorating.

For ISIL, it is not good enough to look at the past only, maybe for some a way to whitewash a partly disastrous present and for others to temporarily forget about a present difficult for their souls to bear. It is also not about the present mainly. It is about the future! Which we all need to consider and make efforts to improve. The ISIL conference this year is about nothing less than the

"Refounding of America."

You should be there, where history is not only commemorated, but made.

ISIL conferences, and this one in particular, offer something which few other conferences and conventions can match: the exceptional brilliance, prominence and cosmopolitan diversity of the speakers as well as of their audience. It is the place to meet friends in person you only have contact with by e-mail and to make new friends. Of the sort no escort service could ever provide. ;-) This is the first smiley I put in this post. The maybe required earlier ones, you will no doubt have put them yourself.

To conclude, the conference offers something for everyone: to the leftist the commemoration of the fact that in the Jamestown Church, the House of Burgesses, the first legislature of elected representatives in America, made the first law to set a minimum price (for the sale ot tobacco, of course, we are in Virginia!), this blending in fine (Virginia blend) with the same law also setting forth plans to create the first ironworks of the colony, thus industry by the state, not by the market. Karl Marx just has plagiarized... For the (neo-)conservatives we will have some sabres and cannons that they can admire and thus feel on their home turf (how home is Iraq?). The libertarians can become gluttons on a bag of sweets (and other gifts) much larger than the one they were once given on their first day of school. Here they are pictured looking into their schoolcones. I assume that such a custom exists in the United States, like in Germany. If not, the conference is offering a similar kind of cornucopia in a different format.

My weak attempt at being humorous should not prevent you from going to the conference! The date: August 11 - 15, 2007. It's becoming urgent to secure your registration. Students can get scholarships.

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