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03/31/2007 Entry: "Doggone Beautiful"

Doggone Beautiful


The story begins with the rescuers finding this poor little guy they named Ralphie.

Someone had already taken him under her wing but wasn't equipped to adopt;

Ralphie, scared and starved, joined his rescuers...

I wouldn't think anything could live thru this...

This little lady also survived that wreckage.

Here she is just placed in the car – scared, but safe.

and then... they are no longer alone!

Instant friends, they comforted each other while in the car.

two more beagles found after that...
the more, the merrier!

Oh boy, a new traveler to add to the mix...
(note: the cat coming
over the seat needing shelter...)
now just how is this going to work??? (and remember they are all strange to one another)

It's going to work just fine, thank you very much!

If only all of mankind could learn such valuable lessons
as this. Lessons of
instant friendship. Of peace and harmony
by way of respect for one another — no matter one's color or creed.
These animals tell you... "It's just good to be alive and with others."
Yes, it surely is.
So... Live, love, laugh.

"Life's a Gift... Unwrap It!"

My thanks to the lady with the artful and graceful swirling dildo for submitting this story. God damned wonderful indeed! I do not use an euphemism here like in the title, being a lucky (in some ways, in others not) resident of Europe, where swearing is not (yet) a legal offence as in so many American locales... If you feel like swearing right now, let me at least give you a good reason for it: Death Squad in Delaware: The Case of the Murdered Marine. I emphatically recommend to read all the (so far) 45 comments here or here. That gift of life had been unwrapped but then was wrapped again and then discarded...

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