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01/26/2005 Entry: "Fuck you, Supreme Soviet in Brussels!"

Fuck you, Supreme Soviet in Brussels!

Sequel to Thank you, Supreme Soviet in Brussels!

See http://www.butterbach.net/blogs/net/archives/00000174.htm

Today I received the latest issue of EDRI-gram, Number 3.2, 26 January 2005, the newsletter I urge everyone to subscribe to and to use the info in it to warn your neighbour!

Unfortunately, the public at large or general public, the common herd, the masses, are totally unaware of what is really going on behind the political scenes. They have no idea what the future holds and thanks to their ignorance we will all be the victims of that inflation of dictators swarming out from Brussels and the other capitals (also non-EU ones) like locusts to eat all our freedom, all our property, all our happiness, under so many disguises of pretenses of wanting our good only. Indeed they just want to take our good, our best, our natural rights.

If you think I am exaggerating, read that newsletter I am reproducing here in full. And try to figure out the real motivations behind all this and what will be the logical consequences for our drab future, having swallowed the wrong-coloured pill.

Here is the table of contents:

Above I have hightlighted in bold those items that inform about the most scandalous realities and projects.

Bon appétit! Vomitive included.

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