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01/20/2005 Entry: "Shame on you, Lindsay Perigo!!!!!!"

Shame on you, Lindsay Perigo!!!!!!

Attacking ISIL that way is the last straw! Since they say so of themselves, I have always thought that the disciples of Ayn Rand are intelligent, logical, rational, objective, "Objectivist" people. This proves that they are not. How can a Papesse be intelligent and objective?! Someone who falls for the official theory, all those lies, of the American government, especially the present one, and governments in general, cannot reasonably be called intelligent and not honest either. Your reformed kind of Objectivism is claiming to be neither left nor right wing (which by the way would be a sign of true libertarianism). The truth is that one could not possibly be more right wing than you are.

Seven years ago, when I started my websites, the very first link I offered and recommended to my visitors was the one to your editorial policy of your Free Radical, Lindsay Perigo. And the link is still to be found on my websites, at the same spot, since seven years: http://www.butterbach.net/waiting.htm. The reason for this recommendation was that at that time I had not yet found any other short text describing exactly my libertarian beliefs in a way where I could really subscribe to every comma. I am disappointed up to the point of throwing up.

What can one expect of believers?! The world is torn apart through them...

Lindsay, you may soon have another occasion to attack Tom Knapp, FND, RRND and the whole board of ISIL: the looming war against Iran. When will the right libertarians and the left libertarians start throwing bombs at each other??? Ste. Ilana, have mercy with us victims of Objectivist warmongers and pray for their enlightenment.

Sense of Life Objectivists, hah, hah!

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