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07/22/2004 Entry: "Debunking the statistics..."

Debunking the statistics...

"There are three kinds of lies – lies, damned lies and statistics." MARK TWAIN, Autobiography (1924), v. 1, ed. A. B. Paine.

This quotation is sometimes wrongly attributed to Winston Churchill or Disraeli, for instance on http://www.gurteen.com/.... See also the comments at the bottom of that page. Shakiness seems to be a common trait of the attribution of quotes and of statistics. It's best to attribute a quote to the author who first pronounced it in print, in her/his book, without adding that he/she is just quoting the speech of someone else. Or we would have to consider each one repeating it an author worth mentioning... Winston Churchill is more often quoted though for apparently having said that one should not believe a statistic that one has not falsified oneself. That's more like him. :-)

No Panic Over School Child Abuse

She has done it often before (check the list of her essays) and will hopefully continue to corner the modern witch-hunters hailing mostly from left feminist circles! They make a good living out of it around here too.

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