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06/22/2004 Entry: "Bush to screen population for mental illness."

Bush to screen population for mental illness.
One of the questions is whether Bush as president or emperor or dictator is to be considered part of the population or not...

Thanks to Brad Spangler my attention today was drawn to something unbelievable and unfortunately very believable at the same time, a report, which you absolutely must read, in WorldNetDaily, where it appears under the top heading "LIFE WITH BIG BROTHER". The report is partly based on findings by the British Medical Journal.

Here is a piece of comment from Brad: "Go rent the movie "Equilibrium" -- while it's still science-fiction. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0238380/."

My comment: If anyone still dares to say the slightest thing in favour of that Bush administration, I start to shoot! This includes my libertarian friend and author John Zube! What is this very real practiced power-madness of an incumbent liar and his camarilla to fill their pockets on the back of John Doe, if you compare it to the purported one of honest principled Michael Badnarik's arguably a bit overstated, but very solidly founded, intention, once in the Oval Room, to blow up the UN building, after it has been emptied and the tenants have been sent home to tend there to their collectivist socialist little hobbies? It is the Bad versus the Good, despotism versus and against liberty, collectivism versus and against individualism! Or World Empire versus and against small local territorial (or much better exterritorial!) and individual sovereignty. Instead of tolerance and trade and peaceful competition in liberty.

After all, in Iraq they don't always empty the buildings they are shooting...

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