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Calling all Longhorns________________

Stop the Car Spychip Bill!

All right, you intrepid, privacy-loving Texans -- it's time once again to show the rest of the country what you're made of. You're in the spotlight as the test case for the government to see if it can get away with spychipping cars!

A bill in the Texas House of Representatives would require an embedded RFID tag to be placed on your windshield, within your mandatory inspection sticker. The sticker could be read from over 30 feet away by government reader devices that can function like gestapo-style invisible checkpoints -- ID'ing all Texas vehicles as they pass. Along with requiring this device in your cars, the government could hide reader devices in the roads to monitor all cars entering a given neighborhood, driving into a given parking lot, or even just heading down the open road. [Just imagine, Laura Bush would just need to call the police to know where her husband is!... ;-)]

Your ability to travel anonymously is at stake, but you can win this one if you fight it!

Source: My San Antonio, 4/8/05 http://www.mysanantonio.com/...

Contact your state Rep and tell them you'll be remembering how they vote on this one when election time rolls around again. Better yet, stop by their office and tell them in person. But whatever you do, don't sit idly by and let this happen!

Find your Texas state representative here: http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/

My source: CASPIAN Newsletter, 4/27/05

PS: I just got the following news: "Thanks, Christian. It worked! Texas pulled the provision! More in the next newsletter." Of course, I have no merit with this, I had posted the appeal too late anyway. But still, nice to hear. And thanks to those others who apparently had become very active!

Christian Butterbach, 04 May 2005, 09:51 GMT+1 [Link]

A Destiny to Be Invaded...

...including a subtle hint at the European Union !


Exhibition from 5th to 22nd mai 2005
Open on tuesdays to sundays from 3 to 8 pm

«Ancienne Chapelle du Rham»
Plateau du Rham - Luxembourg city

Ancienne Chapelle du Rham

An exhibition bringing together Luxembourg-based artists Sneja_D, MeltingPol and Ren Schroeder with UK-based artists Justine Blau and Pippa Koszerek exploring the theme of «ASSIEGéR» .

«ASSIEGéR» draws up Luxembourg’s complex history as a site of constant invasion, a city of underground tunnels, its one time strategic position as the ‘Gibraltar of the North’ and today as important siege of diverse European Institutions. On another level the theme considers how mass culture, advertising and television constantly create a worldwide siege of ideas and influences.

The artists are exploring the theme of «ASSIEGéR» by highlighting historical, political or socio-cultural issues. By playfully intermixing or “invading” each other’s work, the artists also explore each other’s boundaries, creating a visual (an aural) disruption and a dialogue around their diverse approaches.

Through sand constructions, video installations, paintings and punctual interventions the artists will invade the inner and outer space of the gallery and transform it into a creative playground where also other artists are punctually invited to respond to the theme of «ASSIEGéR» through dance, poetry and music. In this context, three events are currently scheduled :


Thursday, May 5 from 5 to 10 pm :
Opening-act with CyberPiper andIsadora Sanchez (music & dance)

Saturday, May 14 from 7 to 10 pm :
Over the Hill– Studio Session with Sonic Attack (music)

Sunday, May 22 from 12 am to end :
Closing Brunch avec Francis Kirps et Angélique A. (poetry & dance)


I would like to draw your attention to the video installation "Power corn" of Sneja_D, in which the theme of ASSIEGéR is associated with the invasion of our super-market shelves and our daily dishes by genetically manipulated food. In her installation, Sneja_D wishes to cast a critical glance at this topical phenomenon while at the same time treating it with humour.

For more information on all this, please go to the website of this event and click on EXHIBITION.

Christian Butterbach, 04 May 2005, 08:20 GMT+1 [Link]

Something has to be done!

No sweat! It's being done already! All over the world, night and day! The bad guys are at it in particular, with their illimited extorted stolen means, the good guys are sacrificing themselves in trying to stand up to them. But that's not what I mean. I'm talking about something more modest, my portal site and its home page.

Last month, April 2005, the number of unique visitors per month to my site fell from 25,860 to 18,214. This is still good, but my hope and reasonable expectancy both are rather for further increases... So something has to be done indeed!

There are a number of reasons for the brakes having been applied to the further expansion. First of all, for 9 days out of a month of only 30 (extrapolated to 31 days, the figure would have been somewhat better, namely 18,821), my home page had been replaced by a black page mourning Terri Schiavo. This was my decision. And I am still fully standing by my decision ["Stand By Your Man", as the recommendation in Tammy Wynette's famous song, interpreted.among others by Elton John, goes... ;-)], even if, I am sure, a good deal of my audience has a different view on the matter.

No one summed the case up better than Christopher G. Adamo in his article America's system of justice is broken on Rational Review:

    In Florida, based on the testimony of one man, a defenseless woman is starved to death. His "evidence" was so flimsy that it normally would be insufficient to uphold even a parking ticket. The judge who nonetheless concurred and ordered her starvation is so mired in conflicts of interest that he should have been automatically recused from the case.

    Yet the Governor of the state, whose job it ostensibly is to protect citizens from being deprived of life, liberty, or property absent due process of law, stands impotently by and allows the travesty to proceed to its malevolent end, claiming that intervention on her behalf would be contrary to "the rule of law."

The second reason for a drop of visitors was that on February 8, 2005, I had lost all my data (and very little is recovered so far), including the opt-in lists of my newsletters, so that I cannot announce new content but to a small number among my audience.

Finally, less content had indeed been added, though it was at hand, because I had not enough time for that, didn't feel like it at all, having had to deal with an exceptional lot of red tape imposed by those bad extortionist guys (if you don't know whom I mean, write me a letter), having had some Spring feelings leading to some entanglements (don't ask), having had to deal with my health, my household and my holdings. As nobody is laughing here, they all have to be punished and need to go to this page to get redemption.

I forgot a main reason: I absolutely spend the largest part of my days and my nights with correspondence, with e-mail. Not that I dislike it. A lot of the very best texts I write myself and of the very best texts the prestigious authors I stay in contact with write, are in that correspondence, and not on my websites. A pity, but they can always be used later, so that's not the problem, the problem is: it's simply too much for the time of one man alone who has no help whatsoever with anything, except the generosity [and, ahem, the self-interest ;-)] of the authors who send me their great essays.

So, something radical will be done:

  • My very successful blog "CB's notewok" will be moved to its own page, with just links to it on the home page. It will also become more lively again with more frequent posts.
  • Two new cooperative blogs will be added to replace the defunct "CB's fireplace".
  • The home page will be improved in several steps to make it more useful and maybe a bit better looking, the main concern being though to take away anything that slows down the loading of that most important page (with the occasional exception maybe of some beautiful pictures, should they be required). Some has already disappeared, like the newsticker (now on its own page) or the establishing of a secure encrypted SSL connection for the PayPal button [this is now on the donation page ~~~ ever heard of that one? ;-)], but just this morning I had noticed again that the Cost of War iframe causes problems, preventing the page from opening quickly enough. All this messing about will be taboo on the home page.
  • Although my sites are more than a hobby of a pensioner exercizing, as a private person, his freedom of opinion, of speech and of the press, and offering, beyond the more personal part, a service to the public by spreading knowledge on many subjects, this is certainly not done for profit. But His Supreme Arrogance the First Criminal and Ruffles Creator par excellence, the despotic State, has deigned to force me to become again a dealer (I am dealing with the most dangerous, addictive and lethal drug, rare knowledge!), a businessman, with all the disadvantages and impossibilities this entails for a single individual in our fake market system. Never taking in any money to be kept for myself as a reward for my work, but all going to the robbers, with advance taxes and fees even before I would have started to "earn" anything. No thank you, dear Socialists! To save myself as far as possible from this slave work and red tape ordeal (more forms to fill per month than I use sheets of toilet paper rolls), I decided to do away with all paid advertisements on my sites (Google ads, Affilinet ones, etc.), even before I really started to avail myself of them fully. This is a very bitter decision, as suddenly there is a real potential. No ads, wow, you might say. Don't rejoice too early. You will not only lose some valuable information and services (the Whois search service, for instance, if I cannot find another arrangement), but you will maybe have to make contributions to prevent the sites from simply disappearing, when I cannot bear the high cost anymore.
  • "CB's notewok" for news ~ comments ~ editorials, a weblog, as the main feature of the home page so far, will be replaced by a longer essay or other text, thus starting a new tradition of having a particularly striking, unique and important text as main fare on that home page, where it would stay a rather long time, to be later moved to another spot and replaced by the next text of the sort. Such a fundamental text you will not find every day.
    You will be in for several surprises regarding the first one. A friend had recommended it to me with the following words: "Here is a well thought out and, it seems to me, rational position. [The author] is one of the few politically active people who makes sense. Please pay careful attention."


What else is new? [will be added a bit later, as I want the above to be posted on May 1 local time by all means]

Christian Butterbach, 01 May 2005, 23:02 GMT+1 [Link]

Friendly smiles

"On April 19 this year, let's do our part to not only commemorate the brave actions of those who resisted at Waco, Lexington, and Warsaw, but vow to continue to spread the word to support resistence to tyranny, whenever it may appear, no matter how disguised it may be in friendly smiles and trappings of patriotism."

This quote is from Mary Lou Seymour's [LAotW] Liberty Action News Digest (No.6) Saturday April 16,2005. The links in the quote were added by me. Here are some other links:

Christian Butterbach, 17 April 2005, 10:31 GMT+1 [Link]

De mortuis nihil nisi bene

One should say nothing but good things about people who are dead, as the saying goes. But some could have made bigger efforts during their lifetime to prevent the contrary. I'd rather mourn a person like Terri Schiavo who was a victim of society than the Pope or Andrea Dworkin who were more attackers than anything else. I guess that our Wendy McElroy will have a lot to say about that Andrea who has ceased (d)working against liberty and men. Her husband, who had married her around the time I founded my websites in 1998, but had been her mate for three decades before that, apparently saw enough merits in her. I was about to declare that he should get a medal for that sacrifice, but, you know, he maybe should be blamed too. After all, there are men who subscribe to that rotten agenda of fury-like left-wing feminists, thus committing treason against their own sex, common sense and real progress.

Andrea Dworkin may have had an excuse though, for having been born in Camden, New Jersey, which was not an ideal place to develop a more loving personality.

As you can read in "Fucking Andrea Dworking[sic!]: Appreciated by Jason Farnon":

"Though Dworkin neglects to list the S.C.U.M. Manifesto in her extensive bibliography at the end of Intercourse, the spirit of Solanas's mandate is ever-present.

Just as humans have a prior right to existence over dogs by virtue of being more highly evolved and having a superior consciousness, so women have a prior right to existence over men. The elimination of any male is, therefore, a righteous and good act, an act highly beneficial to women as well as an act of mercy. (The S.C.U.M. Manifesto, p. 67.)"

Her anti-Vietnam War protest did not make her peaceful, she was in continuous war, and when with her feminist lawyer friend Catharine MacKinnon she agitated with the result of an infamous Supreme Court decision and even extended her disastrous effect beyond the border into Canada with the same outcome, she blamed "homophobia and sexism" for the result of her own sick activism. She later shed a crocodile tear, saying that she "does not believe in obscenity laws".

She was not "highly evolved" enough and did not have "superior consciousness" enough to deserve a monument. Bon débarras!

"I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig." (Dworkin, "Ice And Fire")

Christian Butterbach, 12 April 2005, 12:34 GMT+1 [Link]


From April 1, 2005, till today, April 9, 2005, the home page of this portal site had been replaced by a mourning page now archived here. The first day there was no link to the home page from that mourning page. The second day I added one (but Google had already caught and cached the one without a link), and, as I discover only now, in my emotional turmoil, I may have made a mistake. It seems that I linked to a file called oldindex.php, instead of index.php (I changed it now), so that visitors were maybe led to a very old version of the home page, which happened to also show an obituary, but for my deceased friend and sponsor C. Neal Brady.

If this was so (it depends on which files were on the server at that moment; when I recently lost my data and in order to have my full website on my PC again, I had downloaded all files from the server and that particular file was with it; I do not know what exactly I had deleted or renamed in the meantime; if I forget or simply omit to make a backup of each slight variant of a page with its date before overwriting it, I cannot determine the exact date of the previous version later, as my FTP program has already automatically put the date of the latest transfer), I apologize for this disorder to my visitors. I will already have been punished by a downfall of traffic figures...

I would like to make a statement regarding my wording on the mourning page, as it may have, if not shocked, at least surprised a few of my readers. I was raised as a Roman Catholic (with some Jewish Orthodox, Masonic Deist, Atheist and other influences thrown in) and I have been a believer till the age of 18, I think, when I definitely turned the Vatican Church my back (my decision doesn't seem to have had much following, considering the brouhaha these days regarding that presumed Pontifex ~~ I can't see THAT many bridges! At least not to the really good, correct and important positions...). So I remembered. And I chose those words on purpose, as they seemed to me to be most apt at consoling Terri's parents and family, to find a way to their hearts.

In this context, I want to draw your kind attention to the following columns added to my site:

Several of the best links regarding the Schiavo case were previously offered on this site in the following blog posts:

I also have saved some more interesting links on the subject on my PC and I intend to add them later, so that you have a larger resource on one spot. As I also have corresponded with friends and authors on the case and expressed my own more private views in email, I will see if I can quote some of it on this same spot too.

Christian Butterbach, 09 April 2005, 12:26 GMT+1 [Link]

A Mother Speaks

And it becomes as basic and universal as and better than the Ten Commandments...

It is about time that we return to civilization!

Please see what I have added at the bottom of my post "Abu Ghraib in the Hospital" and read the essay linked to, save it, print it out and frame it for your children and everyone to see who visits you...

Permanent link to the post: http://www.butterbach.net/blogs/net/archives/00000203.htm

Christian Butterbach, 28 March 2005, 21:28 GMT+1 [Link]

The only thing worse than the government these days -- if such is possible -- are those portions of the populace to whom this government owes its allegiance.

[quote from Hubert G. Locke]

This verdict is from America and about the Bush administration, wouldn't you have guessed? :-) I dare add the following: These days? Any day, basically! Possible? It is possible! And it has been going on since a while, since times immemorial actually, and now, thanks to the increased population of the world, it is more visible anywhere than ever, from St. Peter's Place in the Vatican State today till Protestant Sweden all year round and most any other place you could put your finger on on a map of this earth (even the moon included already and soon Mars and Jupiter), with politics and religion intertwined as some may think only fundamentalist Islam could have it. No, those majority "portions" can have it ~~ and are

enough to even be experts at this. All day long. And during the night. Amen. Which leads to the population increase and the voting majorities.

Christian Butterbach, 27 March 2005, 21:31 GMT+1 [Link]

Abu Ghraib in the Hospital

Since days I wanted to write this, but due also to other stressful commitments my force to do it was lacking. I was suffering in silence.

What is going on here with Terri Schiavo is plain torture. As it is not possible to do such a thing on a dead body, the makers of the laws (perpetrators of the greatest crimes and perpetual traitors to their laws), the executioners [sic] of the executive, the gods, not in white, of the courts, don't just shoot her in the head killing her right away, but prefer to let her slowly wither away under painful inner contortions to get their perverse pleasure of being powerful over others. And one can be powerful only over living people. The dead usually give a damn.

This has all the signs of Abu Ghraib: humiliation and physical destroying.

The gods in white, with their ignorant and conflicting theories on the case and their total ignorance of other existing treatments, should at least apply a minimum of decency and good sense.

As I read in an Associated Press report about the feeding tube removal (the third one so far, and previously followed by a reinsertion), the tube "is removed in a simple surgical procedure". They are not talking about an operation. This sounds to me like saying pacification (or democratization) instead of war. The feeding liquid is sent through the tube with a syringe. There is a drawing on the page! As if they could not simply stop using that syringe to put something down that tube, no, the surgeon gods in white, hooked as they are on their technical sorcery and proud like a Las Vegas magician, but coarse like an auto mechanic who didn't have to swear the Hippocratic oath, prefer to take that whole plastic garbage out and later (maybe) put it in again...

Without anesthetics, I presume? And if with, who has ever heard of better means to work in the direction of health improvement?... Imposing on a weak body additional requirements to heal unnecessary wounds, is mindless. Especially considering that this human body has been fed for 15 long years with what those "Bocuses" had on their five star liquid menus. I have not seen the leather-bound printed menu of that restaurant, but I can read it on Terri's face, and the à la carte is as ample as in a prison.

In view of the hopeful case that the tube will after all be reinserted, how can anyone in his right mind (but the Florida nutcases seem to be very numerous, like they are all over the place of that fucked-up system America and the rest of the world [though there are a few places with a bit more grip on these things]) be so irresponsible as to irreversably damage that body by withholding water?! Withholding food is not the big problem. It can be even beneficial, especially considering the average fare of the majority of hospitals. Often or sometimes sufficiently good for those patients who do not really need to be there except for their foolishness and the sake of the hospital's revenue, but almost universally well below the quality level needed by those who really need help to recover and escape the clutch of the Grim Reaper. I bet that if during those 15 years Terri had received, in addition to that basic food concocted by the chefs of that diner "At the Tavern of Science", some natural power food according to principles espoused and perfected by people like Ann Wigmore, David Wolfe or Franz Konz (to just name a few at random), parts of her brain would have recovered or have been strengthened and one would see it in her face. As I have decades of studies and experience (and also successes, done the job professionally for years) behind me regarding nutrition and health, I can tell you that Terri's face now looks like many I have seen of people who were not at all in Terri's situation, but obviously nourished wrongly. Telling more about this would require another column, a rather long essay, if not a book.

Anyone ever heard of Civil Disobedience? No? How strange, I thought you over there (I am here in Germany and hail from Luxembourg) read Thoreau in high school. But this author is probably on the curriculum of state schools to instill a disgust of it. Compulsory reading is not like freely chosen reading.

Finally, I am glad to notice that after the flood of commentary coming from all sides, and largely from libertarian columnists and bloggers, that used this case to toss and turn with great intelligence all kind of philosophical and political issues, especially the aspect of federalism versus the sovereignty of the federal states, we start to get now more common sense articles, as loving and simple as a glass of water.It is after all an individual case and a case for individualism.

Terri's last chance
Humanity lost in Schiavo media frenzy
A "Painless" Death?
Cruel, unusual . . . Read this!

As she lay dying This essay is a great monument to civilization! Read it even if you are not particularly interested in this case. A mother speaks and it becomes as basic and universal as and better than the Ten Commandments.

If you google for schiavo glass water you will find a wealth of recent very humane opinion about this emblematic glass of water.

[This editorial can be freely reposted if unaltered and the source is given with the correct URL and including this note.]

Christian Butterbach, 25 March 2005, 15:28 GMT+1 [Link]

Fashion and Freedom or post hoc ergo prompter hoc

I promise you the greatest delight, deepest insights and a pleasant revigorating of your moral sense, which will give you hope: read Ilana Mercer's latest column on Antiwar.com:
Second Thoughts, First Principles
"Sadly, Americans (and our Fearless Leader) are capable of grasping only a Disneyfied version of majority rule, not the Middle Eastern version. This is why they doggedly conflate democracy with freedom, and "the freedom to vote" with liberty. Here's a useful tip for Fields [CB: This is Townhall.com's "scribbler" (Ilana's expression) and "Hail-Bush-er" (mine) Suzanne Fields]: voting is synonymous with freedom only if strict limits are placed on the powers of elected officials and only if individual rights are respected."

"In Bushite theology, any injustice is pardonable so long as, in retrospect, some good can be attached to it."

"The Bush administration is less clever than the merest child, for it believes it has discovered "something better than truth, and justice, and universal law." The deplorable achievement of Fields and her fellow travelers is to have persuaded Americans to adopt the same conceit."

From Ilana's long essay (a true major broadside) I chose the above short quotes, as they are important statements and conclusions I agree with as they are fully compatible with my own views as expressed on my sites, even if I would prefer to go "somewhat" [rather a lot! ;-)] further in individual-anarchist radicalism than the conservative or classical liberal (or Randian minarchist) position expressed in the first quote. But the promised real delight, the real insights, the real moral strength (like fresh out of a wellness center) will come from her unsurpassed language (smiling or laughing because of her language trouvailles will no doubt cost you less than some wellness resort and you escape the risk of maybe meeting there the neocon lady folks she describes) and from the brilliant developments leading to those statements and conclusions.

You will see that "Genghis Bush", taking a war for a spin, nekkid (like that child did in the story of the emperor's clothes) or, why not, in a fashionable abaya "of his making". The rank and file over there will have to buy it for $49.99. So much for fashion and freedom.

Christian Butterbach, 23 March 2005, 10:57 GMT+1 [Link]

Terri Schiavo

SHAME ON YOU, COLD-BLOODED FLORIDA JUDGE MURDERER!!! Don't walk by my server in Boca Raton, Florida, or this server might get the idea to transform itself into a thousand tasers.

The State kills. As I always said and will continue saying. Till the last moron maybe understands it.

Taking the life of a brain damaged woman who speaks, smiles, has communication and pleasant contact with her parents. Laws are no excuse. Laws are bad by themselves. They kill manifold all the time. As they are despotically imposed on all individuals born or residing or travelling in a gratuitously determined piece of land by congenitally criminal people, government people who think that they are worth more than you, that they have a right to be slave holders, that you do not belong to yourself, but to them. Perverse sick people!

And laws that gave a husband more rights than it gave the parents. And the whole legal farce took 15 years and all that long time did not succeed in implanting some kind of decent natural feelings into that judge and all those governments thugs.

Those thugs know that they deserve to be killed in self-defense. That's why they want to disarm people, so that they can continue their addiction to their perversity.

Read the following:







I even hate to mention Michael Schiavo, as disgusted as I am by him. He did not want his wife, but also did not want to give her back to those people, her parents, he took her from in the first place and now. But the money he took.

Christian Butterbach, 18 March 2005, 23:40 GMT+1 [Link]


Ken Schoolland, Associate Professor of economics and political science at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, and an author of this website, today publishes an international version of his essay "MINIMUM WAGE FRAUD", which shows very clearly and in a vivid manner that minimum wages do profit neither employees nor employers, only politicians. He is taking the much discussed and supposed panacea to an absurd level. The last two short sentences of the essay alone are worth reading that essay!

Christian Butterbach, 16 March 2005, 19:26 GMT+1 [Link]

The Threat

Of one day being without computers, except Lenovo ones, and maybe have to rely on an abacus again or even a Japanese human calculator... IBM has a long history of being in connivance with the despotic State and has served enough dictatorships for money... Who else needs a mainframe these days? Not many. So it is within their logic to get rid of the Personal Computing Division. For big business it is much too troublesome to deal with individual private customers. A central dictatorship like China is more convenient. Government never lacks cash like the private individuals whom it takes it from by force. Like Microsoft also they are hangers-on of government departments.

A comment today by John Zube:

The Communist Regime of Mainland China still claims Taiwan as part of China. Couldn't France and Germany similarly e.g. claim England? Or could not the "united" European mainland people similarly claim "England" and Ireland as their "own"?

The territorial unity, collective sovereignty and "representative" power spleen is still in full swing.

Taiwan, I wish you luck against IGM, International Government Machines...

Christian Butterbach, 16 March 2005, 10:19 GMT+1 [Link]

Indeed, I'm sitting on a well of idiocy.

This morning I learnt that all parties have agreed to demand a driving license for small boats. The conservative party said it would be enough with a minimum age. So now everybody has to go to the boating school, and such schools need a license too, I suppose. And they can’t charge too much, so we have to have some officials to set fair prices. Such cost have to be covered, right? Perhaps a small boat tax would do. This of course requires a register. To be fair, the tax has to be differentiated according to the size of the boat, motor horsepowers, etc. Thus, people would have to declare the characteristics of their boats in detail, and these declarations would have to be checked and administered. A small fee would cover that cost. And so on…

While you and I might see all this as arguments against the licensing, I suppose just about any of the conservatives might say – Wow, we hadn’t thought about all those unintended consequences. Perhaps we were wrong? After all, think of all the work the license would create!

Such is life an ordinary Friday morning in Sweden.

The ordinary Friday above was last Friday, when Richard C.B. Johnsson, Ph.D. in Economics, was musing for our delight.

Read his essay To the Monopolists of All Parties.

Christian Butterbach, 14 March 2005, 12:06 GMT+1 [Link]

The cowboy is back on his ranch

That's the refreshing language (my translation from the French original) the Luxembourg communist newsletter "Goosch.lu" (#63 of March 4) uses to report about the former shepherd's (of sheep!), now Shepherd (of sheeple!), recent visit to Europe.

In the main newspaper of my city of residence, in the German language "Hamburger Abendblatt", their correspondent in Washington, Cornel Faltin, in the issue of February 24, states that the visit of U.S. president Bush is hardly "taking place" in the U.S. media: no pictures in the papers, short clips at CNN. Therefore, as it is not "happening" there, I feel that my little additional reporting may be justified.

"Bush in Brussels: How much does it cost?" Our inquisitive journalists on the far left state that, when leaving, Bush forgot to pay the bill. And the bill may be astronomical, like N.A.S.A. bills, at least compared, I guess, with the budget of our leftist little newsletter. The Belgian minister of the Interior, Patrick Dewael, has already presented a first estimate according to which the Belgian federal police alone is left with an unpaid balance of €621,969. To this you have to add the expenses of the local police of Brussels and of the boroughs of the Belgian capital, which should also be situated around €600,000. All in all, the bill should be something like €1,200,000 (= US$1,588,800). Just compare this with what the security of an European summit costs: €132,000.

To this, we hear on our left, one has to add the cost the economy of the capital has to suffer because of the slowing down during the visit. And they add that the German authorities will surely increase this figure substantially, if we consider the gargantuan security measures around and in Mainz during the visit of "the criminal" in Germany.

Indeed, the "Hamburger Abendblatt", not at all on the left, reports the following (my translation): "Security first. Rhine and Main closed for navigation, the sliding shutters of the shops of Mainz down -- public life in the whole Rhine-Main area was paralyzed."

On the Luxembourg far left we only hear "and to think that the dough for 'le social' (the Social State) is cruelly missing".

May I conclude? Dear Americans, we Europeans do not want to hear anymore from you that we do not do enough against terrorism. Didn't we spend a nice wad on one terrorist alone?

Christian Butterbach, 06 March 2005, 21:46 GMT+1 [Link]

Mungo Bush

Please read Reuters' (UK) following "Oddly Enough" article first:
Bush once taken for "Scottish boy"
and consider the following words from a man "loopier than a rattlesnake in a hula-hoop" (Brad Spangler) quoted in it:
And I'm riding a bike, taking this one sheep, you know, from here to there and I said OK, fine, and a big tour bus stops. And they got off and a woman with a Texas accent said, 'look at the little Scottish boy.'
That supposedly was at age 14.

Now at close to 60 this reads:

And my chauffeur is riding a Cadillac, taking these many sheep, you know, from America to Iraq and I said OK, fine, and a big limo, a Rolls, stops. And another chauffeured man got off and with a British accent said, 'look at the big cute Texan boy.'

At that level it's only fair, as people might say, let's say, in Blair, E Nebraska, or Blairsville, central Pennsylvania, two towns of which the second, in 1960, had 4930 inhabitants, only one less than the former. Did he move east by any chance? Or maybe even much further east than even Iraq? And never returned. Killed like a sheep, if we look at the calendar...


PS: Now really, my innuendos above indicate that my intuitions are again not of that worst sort that needs a recall action like those car companies so often have to engage in. You must read this: Little Bo Creep and the Pulling of Wool by Eileen Smith. I discovered this link only a good hour after having posted "Mungo Bush", thanks to Brad who emailed it to me.

Christian Butterbach, 20 February 2005, 10:12 GMT+1 [Link]

Catastrophes and Coffee

I am drinking coffee every second light-year, so it is not coffee that is ruining me, neither health nor purse. But my websites do. Both health and purse. Every time there is a catastrophe at home, and it is not my health, it is the computer. And I have to go to internet cafés, those virtual coffeehouses, sometimes the virtual one combined with a real one, and have to spend money there on access and Coke with coffeine and get to inhale as an extra the smoke of all those fervent surfers and the virtual (or not so!) "smoke" from their concurrent cellphone use. But otherwise it is a very pleasant international atmosphere with people well beyond average. Cosmopolitan individuals, a large percentage of students, with their often attractive bodies in one room, but their minds in any imaginable virtual place of that cybersphere.

Right now I am sitting in one of those temples, as the catastrophe has hit again, three days ago. At the very worst moment, of course. And I am working here only to code and upload the most urgent and important texts. As I am starting to get an headache from all that smoke, I'll make it short. You can read more in "The Exterritorial Imperative" blog at panarchism.info, where I had posted ahead of this.

The sensation you will discover there and your further musings on that discovery are very likely to make you think of two things mentioned in this blog: (a) the comment just preceding regarding Ayn Rand and Objectivism and my comment "Shame on you, Lindsay Perigo!!!!!!" a few entries earlier (b) Wendy McElroy's column of this week On Handcuffed and Felonious Children. With the advent of the legal revolution I am alluding to, peace and tolerance and individual choice will have done away with those conflicts and those never ending battles to impose one's own political truth upon all fellow men...

Christian Butterbach, 11 February 2005, 19:37 GMT+1 [Link]


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