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07/13/2005 Entry: "No fear of words!"

No fear of words!

On October 3, 2003, I had commented in this blog that the idea of
is starting to spread. And this has been going on since and has reached new levels, considering the prestigious websites or think tanks [may be one and the same... :-)] where it is now being discussed. A recent example:

Attorney Stephan Kinsella mentioned on July 10, 2005, in the blog of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in a post with the title

Polycentric Law
that "In a recent post on Liberty and Power, one of the posters refers to:" and then quotes

I wanted to know who this poster is. It seems to be Steven Horwitz with the following post in the group blog Liberty & Power of the History News Network.

But this interesting quote is not Steven Horwitz's, it is from a mysterious Tom that I was not able to elucidate (Tom Cruise? Tom Szasz? Tom Knapp? Tom Reeves? Tom Fuller? ...?) in spite of too much time spent on searching, and I do not want to spend the rest of my life with that search, just for the sake of journalistic one-upmanship maybe. So much for academic standards.

Anyway, you can read the interesting post of Steven Kinsella [with further missing references I could not find...; a professional idiosyncracy of lawyers, no doubt ;-)] and the discussion that ensued (35 comments so far). My only important concern here is to offer you two quotes of exceptional quality taken from those 35 comments, which should have a permanent place on this site, especially since they are signed by two eminent authorities, two indomitable panarchist ponies (sorry horses, but the alliteration was so nice) from this panarchist site's riding stable:

Don't limit yourself to the above though, read the full discussion on the Mises site, as it deals with basics and terminology and the fear of words. It's more with words that battles are won than with principles. Power uses words to hide wrong and bad structures or principles, we the powerless (in the sense of lack of bad intentions and actions) have better principles but maybe not yet the words that could make us win. We have the power though of intelligence and morals and deeper insights than the lazy majority. The ongoing terminology battles, as interesting and surely somehow enlightening as they are, make the Power grin that we are divided and thus easier to rule. Let's at least secede as much as we already can, not only from government, but also from those libertarians that cannot be weaned of territorial, nationalist or other statist and collectivist addictions.

In this discussion it struck me again that in such forums there are always two groups: those who appear under their real name and those who feel compelled to use a handle like the ones you might want to use in an AOL chat room... The higher the level of the place, like here, the more you have real names (11 here versus 5 of the other kind). There are enough libertarian fora where you practically have only handles, people with no faces, only avatars. I hate that and doubt whether with that anonymitry we will ever gain respectability and widespread acceptance of our agenda.

Here are the important links:

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